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2017/03/14Yaolab 2016 AGU meeting presentations
2016/08/07Yaolab 2016 AOGS meeting presentations
2016/06/25Two graduate students (M.S.) and five undergraduate students (B.S.) graduated from Yaolab in 2016!
2015/12/30Yaolab AGU 2015 presentations
2015/06/082015 June: Congratulations for YUAN Yi and LEI Chen for their M.S. thesis defense (in geological engineering)! And congratulations for QIAO Lei, WANG Nan, and XU Haotian for their B.S. thesis defense (in geophysics)!
2015/06/072015 May: New Method of Direct Surface Wave Tomography for 3-D Vs structure Based on Ray Tracing has been published in Geophys. J. Int.
2013/03/30March, 6, 2013: One CPU-GPU cluster (27 nodes) and one sever are ready to use for our group.
2013/02/28Feb, 2013: The paper "Compressive sensing of frequency-dependent seismic radiation from subduction zone megathrust ruptures" (by Yao, Shearer, Gerstoft) accepted for publication in PNAS.
2017/08/17Our new GRL paper is online, which reveals the depth variations and sharpness of the 410-km and 660-km discontinuities in the North China Craton with dense array ambient noise interferometry [GRL link]
new papers
2019/02/01New JGR paper in press: Moho depth variations from receiver function imaging in the Northeastern North China Craton and its tectonic implications
2018/04/262018 new BSSA paper: A New Strategy of Finite Fault Inversion Using Multi-scale Waveforms and Its Application to the 2015 Gorkha Nepal Earthquake
2018/04/242018 new paper "Crust azimuthal anisotropy in the central orogenic belt of north China carton and its adjacent area using receiver functions" has been accepted by "Science China: Earth Science"
2018/04/242018 new SRL paper “Shallow crustal structure of the middle-lower Yangtze River region in eastern China from surface wave tomography of a large volume airgun shot experiment”
2020/01/31DAzimSurfTomo package released for direct inversion of 3-D azimuthally anisotropic Vs structure from dispersion data
2018/07/08A new version (DSurfTomo V 1.3) of the direct surface wave tomography from surface wave travel times of all paths for 3-D Vs models has been released
2015/11/07Postdoctoral position in seismic tomography available in 2019! If you are interested in this position, please send your English CV and 1-2 page research statement that summarizes your previous research experiences to
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