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Congratulations for YUAN Yi and LEI Chen for their M.S. thesis defense (in geological engineering)! 

YUAN Yi's thesis title is  "Joint inversion method of Rayleigh wave ZH ratios and dispersion based on the Neighborhood Algorithm".   Yi will work in the Second Monitoring Center of China Earthquake Administration in Xi'an, China in the summer. 

LEI Chen's thesis title is "S-wave velocity structure of Liaoning region from Rayleigh wave tomography". Chen is currently working in the Earthquake Administration in Liaoning Province, China.

Congratulations for QIAO Lei, WANG Nan, and XU Haotian for their B.S. thesis defense (in geophysics)!

QIAO Lei's thesis title is "Study on the crustal structure of Yunnan and Vietnam with ambient noise tomography". Lei will continue to work with me as a master student.

WANG Nan's thesis title is "Effects of noise source distribution on Green's function retrieval". Nan will go to SDSU/UCSD joint program for her PhD study.

XU Haotian's thesis title is "Crust and upper mantle velocity structure and radial anisotropy of East Pacific ridges from seismic waveform modeling". Haotian will go to UCLA for his PhD study.

Besides, MENG Yafeng from Hefei University of Technology worked with me for his B.S. thesis project "Rayleigh wave phase velocity tomography in the middle-southern segment of Tanlu fault zone and its adjacent area from seismic ambient noise".  LIU Wei from Wuhan University worked with me for his thesis project "Study of Slip Inversion During Earthquake Rupture". WANG Yao from Jilin University worked with me on his thesis project "A study on propagation and dispersion characteristics of surface waves in the medium with complex topography and structure". All these 3 students will join in my group as master students in this fall.

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