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In the 2015 AGU meeting, our lab members have given 1 talk and 3 posters. Prof. Huajian Yao gave a talk (Crust and upper mantle anisotropy and deformation characteristics in North China carton)  in the Tectonophysics Session "Characterizing cartons and cration margins". Three posters were given by the graduate students Jiuxun Yin, Yayun Zhang, and Ping Zhang in the sessions of Seismology, Tectonophysics, and Near Surface Geophysics. The titles of their posters are:

Kinematic and dynamic rupture process of the 2015 Nepal Mw 7.8 earthquake (Jiuxun Yin)

3-D Crustal Shear Velocity Structure and Azimuthal Anisotropy of the Taiwan Strait and Fujian, SE China (Yayun Zhang)

Joint Inversion of Receiver Function, Surface Wave Dispersion and ZH Ratio for Crustal Structure Based on Tikhonov Regularization (Ping Zhang)

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