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During the 2016 AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco, Yaolab members gave the following presentations:

1. Huajian Yao, Ping Zhang, Hongjian Fang, Haijiang Zhang, Constrain depth-dependent Vp/Vs ratio in the crust from joint seismological inversion (Oral)

2. Ping Zhang, Ling Chen, Huajian Yao, Lihua Fang, Yan Wu, Moho depth variations in the NE North China Craton revealed by receiver function imaging (poster)

3. Yuan Yang, Huajian Yao, Lihua Fang, Jianping Wu, 3D crustal shear velocity structure and azimuthal anisotropy of the Xiaojiang Fault zone and its adjacent area in SE Tibet (poster)

4. Chuanming Liu, Huajian Yao, Hsin-Ying Yang, Hongjian Fang, Direct inversion of surface wave dispersion for 3-D crustal azimuthal anisotropy based on frequency-dependent ray tracing (poster)

5. Qiushi Zhai, Huajian Yao, Baoshan Wang, Weitao Wang, Zhiming Bai, The complexity of seismic wave propagation direction observed from air-gun source and dense array (poster)

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