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A novel method is implemented to invert Rayleigh and Love wave dispersion curves of all paths jointly for 3-D shear wave velocity and radial anisotropy parameter simultaneously without intermediate steps. This new approach is based on our previous method of direct inversion of 3-D isotropic Vs model (DSurfTomo, Fang, Yao, et al., 2015). Conventional approach requires the computation of division Vsh over Vsv after inversion, which is sometimes unstable. The new parameterization in our approve allows for direct inversion of the 3-D radial anisotropy parameter (Vsh/Vsv). Therefore, spatial smoothing can be directly applied to  (Vsh/Vsv), which ensures a more stable inversion of (Vsh/Vsv). 

The DRadiSurfTomo code, surface wave dispersion data, and the resulting model files in our paper (Hu, Yao, Huang, 2020, JGR) can be downloaded online ( 

For reference, please cite the following paper: 

Hu, S., Yao, H., & Huang, H. (2020). Direct surface wave radial anisotropy tomography in the crust of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125, e2019JB018257. 1029/2019JB018257

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