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Community Velocity Model of SW China (SWChinaCVM-1.0, 2.0) 

 We have constructed the 3-D P- and S-wave community velocity model of the crust and uppermost mantle in southwest China (SWChinaCVM-1.0, SWChinaCVM-2.0), obtained by joint body and surface wave traveltime tomography. This work is supported by the China Seismic Experimental Site(CSES).

The SWChinaCVM-1.0 was constructed by Prof. Huajian Yao's group, mainly using the data from permanent stations and some temporary array stations (about 200 stations). This model has a lateral resolution of about 50-75 km in the crust and about 75 km in the uppermost mantle.

The SWChinaCVM-2.0 was constructed jointly by Prof. Huajian Yao's group (Ying Liu, Zhiqi Zhang, Huajian Yao) and Prof. Weitao Wang's group in CEA (Ziye Yu, Yunpeng Zhang, Weitao Wang), also including data from about 1000 temporary stations. This model has a lateral resolution of about 25-50 km in the crust and about 50 km in the uppermost mantle. (see recent news about this model in Chinese )

Model Data Download:



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Huajian Yao ( or Ying Liu (


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