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Our group has developed a number of codes and softwares for seismic data analysis, seismic tomography, and joint inversion, which are listed as the following.

1. Surface wave two-station dispersion analysis GUI software (in Matlab) (Download Link)

2. Ambient noise cross-correlation codes for daily long SAC format data (in Matlab) (Download Link)

3. Dispersion Analysis GUI software for ambient noise cross-correlation functions (in Matlab) (Download Link)

4. Inversion of Vs, Vp/Vs, and interface depth using (multimode, Rayleigh and/or Love, phase and/or) dispersion data and Rayleigh wave fundamental mode ZH data (ellipticity) based on the Neighborhood Algorithm (in Fortran) 

5. Direct inversion of 3-D isotropic Vs structure from dispersion data based on period-dependent ray tracing (in Fortran)

   (DSurfTomo package Download:

6. Direct inversion of 3-D azimuthally anisotropic Vs structure from dispersion data based on period-dependent ray tracing (in Fortran)

    (DAzimSurfTomo package Download: )

7. Direct inversion of 3-D radially anisotropic Vs structure from all Rayleigh and Love wave traveltime data

    (DRadiSurfTomo package Download:

If you are interested in using the above codes/softwares for your research, please contact me (

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